Jim Mackintosh

Thank you for visiting this wee corner of the World where I put some of my work.

CONTACT DETAILS – You can contact me via jimcmackintosh@yahoo.co.uk

In March, 2016 I was chuffed to be appointed Poet in Residence by St Johnstone Football Club. It will involve so many aspects of the Club’s part in the Community, not least the successes and disappointments on the pitch but over time I hope to explore the connections between the Club and the wider community through poetry. Please get in touch if you have an idea you would like me to consider.

I am also available for Poetry readings of my own work, and will consider any ideas for collaborations or request for poetry events, or specific writing Projects.

I am also honoured to be a member of the Soutar Writers Group and get the opportunity to sit in Willie’s Room to listen to other writers and to read my own work. It’s an absolute joy.

My Books are available on Amazon. If you click on the following link(s) they will take you to my Author page:

UK – Amazon.co.uk: Jim C. Mackintosh: Books, Biogs, Audiobooks, Discussions

USA – www.amazon.com/Jim-C-Mackintosh/e/B00QR9BE2G/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1


If you’d prefer me reading poems. I have recorded the first 35 poems from EIGHT ROWS BACK go to http://jimcmackintosh.bandcamp.com


You might be wondering what is a Baffy.

Well, a Baffy in my home Country of Scotland is a slipper, but can also mean, in the context of ‘giving it big baffy’, giving it your all.

Not a bad principle.

Thanks again for visiting.


Diderot: ‘We erect a statue in our own image inside ourselves – idealised, you know, but still recognisable – and then spend our lives engaged in the effort to make ourselves into its likeness.’

7 responses to “Jim Mackintosh

  1. I’m going to order from my amazon, i don’t know how to download poetry. all good, i’m a bit of a dinosaur and old-fashioned. thank you 😉

  2. Todd Rokholm

    ..get thee arse back to Twitter! You are an inspiration that will not be replaced..

  3. Sometimes I think you’d be happier off Twitter, but that’s me

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